Quadstone's Actionhouse:RT Adds Real-Time Capabilities

Quadstonehas added real-time scoring and rule management capabilities to the Quadstone System with the launch of Actionhouse:RT (RealTime).

This latest extension to the Quadstone product line supports real-time marketing responses to customer interactions, the company said.

For example, as customers call into service centers or browse Web sites, decisions on the right service or offer are made instantly, based on the latest behavior of the customers.

Actionhouse:RT has been developed for environments where marketing decisions are made continually throughout the day such as at call centers, point of sale and Web sites.

According to Quadstone, operational systems to date have typically deployed rules and customer scores based on historical data that have been updated weekly or even monthly, but Quadstone's new real-time functionality updates customer scores as soon as new information about a customer interaction is captured.

This better enables companies to make the most relevant offer to a client during, rather than after, each interaction. This speed of interaction is important for retention initiatives when a 5 percent improvement in customer retention rates will yield an increase of 25 percent to 100 percent in profits across a wide range of industries.

Actionhouse:RT is an extension to the Quadstone System, which incorporates Quadstone's flagship product Decisionhouse. It is supported by the companion products Transactionhouse, for creating customer measurements before analysis, and Actionhouse:BP (BatchProcess), for batch deployment of customer behavior models.

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