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QMSoft Inks Deals With DCMG and Smarter Software

Qualitative Marketing Software Inc., Clearwater, FL, struck deals this month with both list technology provider Smarter Software and with list broker Direct Contact Marketing Group.

QMSoft's partnership with Smarter Software will allow small-business customers of QMSoft's online data bank, Centrus Online, to use its Address PRO 3.0 software program — which enables enhancement and spatial analysis of lists — for free.

To qualify for a two-month trial of the Windows 95-based software, customers must purchase $500 worth of prospect names from Centrus Online.

“Through this first-time promotion, the small-business community will now have all the tools necessary to fully complete an advertising and direct mail campaign,” said QMSoft president Paul Wray.

“It gives the marketer a comprehensive tools package to reach the most qualified of prospects at low cost,” he added.

In QMSoft's deal with DCMG, the list broker's customers will be able to use Centrus Online.

“If, for example, our client has the telephone numbers of a group of customers, they can use this system to upload them and then download the addresses of these people. If a client only has a group of addresses, they can upload these and download the telephone numbers,” said Gil Terriberry, president of DCMG, New Mexico.

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