Putting a Priority on Claiming Discounts

Mailing software company BCC announced today it was one of the first providers to offer an automated feature allowing users to claim immediate discounts on their Priority Mail. The new wrinkle added to its BCC Mail Manager software delivers immediate discounts of 20 cents per piece.

“The Postal Service continues to see significant growth in package volume, and that includes their Priority Mail Service,” says BCC President Chris Lien. “With such an immediate and considerable discount available, we’re encouraging all of our customers to look into this rapidly growing class of mail.”

Priority Mail volumes have gone up in excess of 15% in the past five years.

Lien added that one of the biggest benefits of using Priority Mail is the ability of mail preparers to accept the growing volumes due to the discounts. He says that staffers can use the same interfaces and automation tools they’re currently using and take advantage of the savings, receiving additional training or manual intervention.

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