Pup-Peroni reaches out to dog owners

Del Monte’s Pup-Peroni dog snack has launched a new, multichannel campaign with agency Draftfcb.

The “Dogs Just Know” campaign — Pup-Peroni’s largest ever — includes the brand’s first TV commercials as well as a new, interactive Web site and viral effort. The site offers downloadable coupons and gives users the opportunity to send “Pup-grams” e-mails to friends and family. Pup-grams feature four vignettes from the Pup-Peroni commercials, which users can customize with their own messages.

“The theme is how dogs communicate with us,” explained Hilary Hamar, SVP group management director for Draftfcb. “The Pup-grams are a fun, viral, exciting way to get the word out about the campaign and Pup-Peroni and how dogs communicate with their pet parents.”

 “We believe that this campaign is unique among its peer-set in that it depicts the relationship between pet and pet parent as equal,” added Christie Fleming, VP of Marketing, Del Monte. “The pet parent is not seen as an ‘owner’ but instead as a companion and friend to his or her four-legged family member.”

“Pet parents” between the ages of 35 and 64 are the target audience for this campaign, with which Del Monte is aiming to drive awareness of the Pup-Peroni brand. The campaign also is expected to grow Pup-Peroni’s market share in the “soft and chewy [dog snacks]” category.

“Dogs Just Know” launched on January 26. Approximately $8 million in advertising will be executed over the next few months, and more components of the campaign, including free standing inserts (FSIs), should launch later this year. Each component contains a call to action, driving consumers to http://www.pupperoni.com/.

DraftFCB has been working with the Pup-Peroni brand since October 2008.

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