Publisher Weider History Group Taps Statlistics for List Management

The Weider History Group, the nation’s leading publisher of history magazines, awarded list management duties to Statlistics, Danbury, CT.

Statlistics will manage 10 titles: America’s Civil War (30,000-plus male subscribers), American History (52,000), Aviation History (23,000-plus males), British Heritage (26,000-plus males), Military History (40,000-plus), MHQ (7,000), Civil War Times (47,000), World War II (60,000-plus), Wild West (28,000-plus) and Vietnam (23,000-plus).

The publications target history enthusiasts. Subscribers range from 35 to 75 years. The publisher claims they have higher than average disposable incomes, like reading and learning, and are patriots who want to contribute.

There are 11 lists in total, including a master file of 340,623 names.

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