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Pub Eyes Broadband Niche

Motive Inc., a management software company, launched custom magazine Broadband 2.0 to cover the operational and marketing aspects of broadband.

The title is the first magazine supporting broadband service providers through the delivery and management of services like home networking.

“We are presenting ourselves as a leader of broadband technology that wants to bring together other service providers,” said Jen Grogono, editor of Broadband 2.0, Austin, TX. “If a software company in Japan wants to know about British telecom, we are able to provide the common thread.”

The quarterly magazine targets executives and decision makers responsible for developing, marketing and implementing services that deliver value to customers. It launched in April.

Broadband 2.0 has a circulation of 2,500 and is free to broadband service providers. The publication has a companion Web site at www.broadband2.com and will begin having blogs in the coming months.

According to Ms. Grogono, the title plans to expand circulation through e-mail blasts and by purchasing space at upcoming trade shows. She sees no industry publication as competition.

“We cover the operational and marketing side of broadband and want to help subscribers cut costs and last longer,” she said. “There are no industry magazines that focus on that, so it is very much a niche magazine.”

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