Provia Software Upgrades Package for Supply Chain Management

Fulfillment systems firm Provia Software, Grand Rapids, MI, is expected to announce next week an enhanced version of its Viaware software package for supply chain companies that serve e-businesses.

Viaware 5.3.0 includes the ViaView module, which allows fulfillment and distribution companies to locate customer orders at any point in the supply chain. ViaView also lets distributors see inventory in all of their warehouse locations at one Web page in real time, enabling them to fill single orders from various fulfillment centers. This allows a fulfillment firm's business customers to view the status of such orders online as well.

Additionally, barcodes in the program are integrated with United Parcel Service's coding system. This allows distributors to track UPS packages with their own numbers.

Other features of Viaware's total package include the ability to monitor the performance of facilities and their employees, see order cycle times and inbound order status, and track receipts.

Pricing for Viaware differs according to factors such as the number of facilities to be incorporated into the system, as well as the number of users. ViaView is not being sold as a stand-alone system. Customers who buy Viaware also get ViaView's capabilities.

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