Protagona Joins Compaq ZLE Initiative

Protagona Worldwide, Chicago, yesterday announced a partnership with Compaq Computer Corp. that enhances Protagona Ensemble, the company's marketing campaign management suite.

Though Protagona Ensemble already gives marketers the ability to use real-time marketing data, partnering with the Compaq Zero Latency Enterprise initiative allows Protagona to offer an integrated view of total enterprise information in real time, which is key for managing campaigns. The partnership was announced at the Chicago DM Days Expo.

“Nearly all buying or attrition behavior is triggered by an event, and our new partnership aims at ensuring marketers have access to all that pertinent information in real time,” said Bryan Black, chief executive of Protagona Worldwide.

“Together with Compaq ZLE, Protagona Ensemble will empower marketers to act quicker and with more insight than before, from analyzing information, to designing innovative, quality-assured campaigns, to optimizing management of resources and initiatives across all channels, while still measuring and leveraging results at the same time,” he said.

Rick Frazier, vice president of marketing at Compaq's Business-Critical Server Group, said partnering with Protagona Worldwide brings “best-of-breed technology to our Zero Latency Enterprise initiative. Protagona Ensemble will add value to our ZLE solution framework by enabling users to act on information in real time and therefore devise more flexible and responsive marketing campaigns to address today's changing market environments.”

Compaq-aided Protagona Ensemble solutions have wide applicability across industries. For example, by eliminating lag, telecommunications firms can act more responsively to churn threats; retailers and their consumer-packaged goods suppliers can identify and capitalize on changing consumer tastes; and financial services firms can respond more quickly to pertinent life events.

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