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Promoting Sierra Leone’s artistic heritage globally

Sierra Leone Artistry
Sierra Leone Artistry

Sahr Martin Kabba, the force behind the art collective ‘Train to Sierra Leone,’ is a rising advocate for Sierra Leone’s artistic heritage. His relentless efforts aim to spotlight local talent and elevate Sierra Leone’s art scene both regionally and internationally.

As the leader of ‘Train to Sierra Leone,’ Kabba organizes art exhibitions and cultural events, providing necessary platforms for emerging artists. Fueled by his passion for culture, his work has made him a pivotal figure in preserving Sierra Leone’s arts and culture.

The collective is on a mission to create a comprehensive database filled with the diverse and unique arts of West Africa. This venture fosters a network among regional artists, helping them connect, share ideas, and create meaningful art.

Sierra Leone’s culture is shared through several mediums, such as documentaries, which present the country’s history, everyday life, and food.

Amplifying Sierra Leone’s art on a global stage

These programs aim to educate and engage a global audience about the various aspects of Sierra Leone, challenging common stereotypes and revealing the true life of its people.

The ‘Train to Sierra Leone’ collective, founded in Freetown, showcases emerging Sierra Leonean artists’ work. Its mission is much more than nurturing local talent; it empowers artists to carve their own niche in the art world.

Kabba’s design process involves exhaustive research into Sierra Leone’s history. Drawing from cultural heritage and the diverse arts scene, he crafts one-of-a-kind contemporary pieces. His designs bridge the gap between tradition and modernity and express his personal thoughts and feelings, creating a deep connection with his work.

Looking towards the future, Kabba’s ambition is to organize events, exhibitions, and workshops to showcase local artists further, not only in Sierra Leone but across Africa and internationally. Kabba’s primary goal is to emphasize the crucial role of his platform in fostering creativity, appreciating diversity, and encouraging inclusivity.

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