Prolifiq Software Sees the Future in Rich Media E-mail to Wireless Devices

NEW YORK — Prolifiq Software gives the sales force of GE, Nintendo, Nike and other top firms the tools of IT associates. Today, at the DM Days session, “Mobile Marketing Intensive: How BlackBerry learned to play offense in the game of sales and marketing,” a panel addressed the Prolifiq platform that allows sales people to create their own rich media e-mail communications.

Mobile devices are getting more and more popular in the United States. Four million people use handheld devices, and it is estimated that in two years that number will jump to 80 million.

“We use our mobile phones for text messaging in our social lives and it makes communicating easier, so why don’t we communicate like this for our business communications?” asked David Carpenter, direct marketing strategist for the Hacker Group, as he introduced the discussion.

Jeff Gaus,  VP of sales and marketing for Prolifiq Software, gave an in-depth product demonstration describing the usability of the software program. The software allows a sales person to create a rich media e-mail or wireless text message template that can be tailored to a variety of specific clients.

The e-mail is based on a corporate stationary template giving a ready-made alternative to sales people. It allows the user to record videos, audio tracks, upload and place images, write a text upload documents all within the body of a 20K e-mail. Users receive notification when clients open the e-mails and can track how many times it is opened and if it is forwarded.

Steven Gagliano, regional marketing representative for Option One Mortgage, a subsidiary of H&R Block, presented his firm’s use of the software correlating to an increase in sales as a case study.

Mr. Gaus also presented other case studies, including leading image bank Getty Images. Impressively, the Getty sales force is able to e-mail prospective news media sources with access to its image bank. This has enabled them to sell images of breaking news, which can go for up to $200,000, over e-mail.

“This is true one to one marketing, which is exceptional in the e-mail space,” Mr. Gaus said.

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