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Privacy and Security Remain Tall Orders for Today’s Marketers [Infographic]

The current state of data privacy and security is leaving a bitter taste in many U.S. consumers’ mouths. Nearly three fourths (73%) of consumers say that the concept of online privacy today is an illusion, according to new data from Adroit Digital, and 82% say that online advertisers have more information about them than they’re comfortable with.

Although 58% of consumers surveyed say that they’re not comfortable with the amount of personal data they have to provide retailers to redeem special offers and services, this seems like an inevitable trade. In fact, 75% of respondents feel like they’re freely giving up some of their privacy rights simply by using the Internet. And if that’s not enough of a concern, 44% of survey participants don’t believe that the Internet sites that they are freely offering data to are even obeying privacy laws.

When consumers do pour out their data, 58% feel more comfortable doing so via a laptop compared to a mobile device; however, more than one third (34%) feel the same level of comfort either way. Similarly, 49% of survey participants believe that websites provide more privacy and security than apps and mobile sites.

Not surprisingly, consumers are more comfortable sharing data with certain verticals versus others. For example, more than half of respondents (51%) say that social networks present the greatest security and privacy concerns, and 30% feel the same way about retail sites. On the flip side, 75% of study participants say that they trust their banks’ and financial institutions’ websites and apps the most when it comes to protecting their personal information and privacy.

Also, it’s worth noting that consumers aren’t afraid to roast the brands that do infringe upon their privacy. Consider the following: 67% of consumers would stop buying from a company if their personal or financial information were stolen from it, according to the study, and 39% say that they would remember a major privacy or security breach forever. And many consumers are averse to companies giving partners a taste of their data. According to the study, 44% of respondents say they would permanently stop using a social network or website if it sold their data to vendors without their knowledge. The problem, for 22% of respondents, is that they have no clear way of knowing whether companies are actually doing this.

Some consumers may feel steamed that they’re fighting this data privacy fight alone; 70% of respondents don’t believe that the government is protecting their privacy and security with regards to online advertising.  But consumers also have to take responsibility for their own data. After all, 86% of study participants admit that they don’t read or read only parts of websites’ privacy and security policies. Either way, consumers are willing to give sellers another shot. In fact, more than half of respondents (54%) believe that their online privacy and security issues can be resolved. 

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