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Prism Media Buys TTS’ FleetSeek

Business publisher Prism Business Media Inc. acquired the assets of trucking industry data source Transportation Technical Services Inc.

TTS adds database services to Prism’s truck and auto group portfolio, which includes Fleet Owner and Ward’s. The acquired company will be re-branded as FleetSeek, the name of TTS’s current core offering.

“We will take advantage of the resources that Prism and Fleet Owner have to expand [the FleetSeek] business,” said Tom Duncan, Stamford, CT-based group publisher at Prism’s Fleet Owner/Ward’s truck and auto group.

FleetSeek is a vertical online search engine of information on more than 200,000 trucking operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Current TTS head Ron Roth will continue to manage operations for FleetSeek and report to Mr. Duncan. All TTS employees will be kept in their present roles. The office will remain based in Fredericksburg, VA.

The acquisition extends a 15-year partnership with TTS on co-marketing projects and the development of a national private fleet directory.

“We want to get more aggressive with marketing the FleetSeek products,” Mr. Duncan said.

The company plans to integrate FleetSeek in the current Prism marketing campaign. The campaign involves print, online, in-person tactics and a joint-presence at trade shows.

TTS customers include major truck manufacturers and suppliers to the trucking industry, transportation logistics companies, banks, insurers, financial firms and industry analysts. The company produces eight major database/directory products. Six are available through an online searchable directory.

Current TTS directory/database products include National Motor Carrier Directory, Private Fleet Directory, Canadian Motor Carrier Directory, Mexican Motor Carrier Directory, Owner-Operator Directory, Blue Book of Trucking Companies, Motor Carrier Routing Directory, and National Truck Dealer Directory.

Prism’s other automotive and trucking product brands include American Trucker, Bulk Transporter, Fleet Owner, Refrigerated Transporter, Trailer Body Builders, Truck Blue Book, Ward’s AutoWorld, Ward’s Dealer Business, Ward’s Information Products and Ward’s Auto Interiors Show and Conference, as well as a variety of industry-specific data services.

Prism a business-to-business communication and information company, offers 70 magazines, 150 online newsletters, 17 industry trade shows and 500 rich data products.

“I see synergies in the future between Ward’s Information Products group and the FleetSeek data and services,” Mr. Duncan said.

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