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Printware Announces CTP System for Small Printers

Printware Inc.'s PlateStream-SC, a computer-to-plate system, will be targeted to the U.S. market of 25,000 small printers when it becomes available in January.

The offering is based on the company's standard product PlateStream, but it will be geared toward the financial needs of smaller firms. PlateStream-SC starts at $35,000 and will include a silver-halide polyester plate.

PlateStream-SC was designed to accommodate most two-up presses as it produces plates up to 13.3 inches-by-22 inches. In addition, the system provides 2,400 dot-per-inch resolution and 175 line screens.

Printware, based in the UK, said the product eliminates waste and trimming. The company claims that PlateStream-SC will save printers up to 50 percent in material costs.

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