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Printing industry adopts new Pantone color system

Xerox Corp., Hewlett-Packard, Quark Inc. and Electronics for Imaging are among the first printing industry companies to incorporate the new Pantone Goe System as part of their offerings.

The system, Pantone Inc.’s first completely new color system since its founding more than 45 years ago, gives designers and printers an entirely new way to choose and accurately produce specific colors. It took more than four years to develop and works with the original Pantone Matching System, which has become the industry standard for matching colors.

“Adopting the Goe System standard ensures that jobs printed on our digital production color presses are vibrant and accurate,” said Quincy Allen, president of Xerox Production Systems Group, in a statement.

“We expect the new system will also drive growth of digital color printing, because it seamlessly links hardware and software vendors, designers and print providers under one color standard,” he continued.

The new Pantone system seeks to create seamless links between hardware and software as well as designers and print providers when it comes to capturing and implementing color choices accurately in a collaborative work environment.

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