Launches Online Printer Directory, Portland, OR, has launched an online service that gives printing buyers and graphic designers the Web's largest directory of commercial printers. The service, at, is designed to help buyers save time by sorting through thousands of printers by location, price and the equipment they have on hand for particular jobs.

Overall, the system considers 82 criteria, and includes printers specializing in products ranging from bumper stickers to eight-color brochures. PrintBid's “search by location” feature is designed to let businesses find printers located near the distribution point for the completed project — such as a convention site or mailing center — instead of near the print buyer's location. The printer locator service is free.

PrintBid expects its site to eventually use an artificial intelligence “expert system” that quickens project turnaround time and better matches buyers' needs. Ultimately, it also will offer an option to handle the entire bidding process automatically, the company said. PrintBid expects the more advanced bid transaction system to go live late this year.

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