PRIMIS rebrands 3 units for integrated marketing

PRIMIS Marketing Group began a major rebranding Jan. 22 that aligns three divisions under the AccuData Integrated Marketing umbrella.

Parent firm PRIMIS, Chicago, said the initiative offers a unified product and service mix designed to simplify and enhance the customer experience.

“This is a natural and critical evolution of our strategy to buy, build and synergize the very best of the best in the direct marketing industry,” said John Healy, president/CEO for PRIMIS Marketing Group, now called AccuData Integrated Marketing, a PRIMIS company. “We understand industry dynamics and the need to consolidate and optimize every opportunity and relationship. To do so, we must bring our customers clear and easy-to-navigate business solutions. Essentially, we are pulling all the pieces together to create an improved framework for the industry-leading products and services we already provide.”

PRIMIS provides services and technologies in data sourcing and enhancement, modeling and analysis, and data management and optimization.

With the rebranding, AccuData Integrated Marketing is the new name encompassing three PRIMIS sister companies: AccuData America (which PRIMIS acquired in June 2003), Hyphos 360 (acquired in November 2004) and MarketModels Inc. (acquired in October 2005).

Each of these companies also has a group name. AccuData America is now known as AccuData Integrated Marketing, Data Solutions Group, and Lynn Rovelstad is president. MarketModels is now AccuData Integrated Marketing, Performance Modeling Group, and Stephen Webster is president. Finally, Hyphos 360 is now AccuData Integrated Marketing, Database Technologies Group, and Rod Dillehay is president.

RedSail Interactive, the new name for CoReg360, a provider of online lead generation solutions for publishers and advertisers that PRIMIS acquired in January 2006, remains a separate company.

“We wanted to keep a little separation between the two,” Mr. Healy said.
The strategy is aligned with the company’s new complete offering.

“After only a year, 5 percent of our business comes from cross-company sales,” Mr. Healy said. “Our strategy used to be buy and build. Now it’s buy and integrate. We’ve created an integrated infrastructure for our clients, and we’ve now created a brand for them to identify with.”

Mr. Healy also said the company has created a four-person support team to help customers choose the right database marketing solution in an effort to maximize their investment. Other enhancements include a unified Web site, which presents a single resource for data solutions, performance modeling and database technologies as well as co-registration services through RedSail Interactive.

The company is promoting its new brand identity through a series of direct mail and e-mail messages sent to its 5,000 existing clients. The campaign began the week of Jan. 22. Later in the year, the company will expand its messaging to prospects. It is also promoting its new brand through ads in trade publications, through PowerPoint presentations and at trade shows. The campaign was produced in-house.

The organization’s count and order system,, will not be affected. Aside from corporate identity such as logos, letterhead and e-mail signatures, PRIMIS said, customers should notice few changes in daily operations, services and products.

“We are very confident our new identity will make it easier for our clients to do business with us by presenting a simplified, integrated and aligned organization,” Mr. Healy said. “Now we can talk to our clients from one platform for four best-in-class solutions.”

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