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Prevention installs brand editor to oversee extensions

Rodale’s Prevention magazine has a brand-new position: brand editor.

Leah McLaughlin was chosen for the role to expand the title’s multichannel branding image. The announcement comes as magazines are focused on expanding into different interactive markets.

“I want to bring more personality to Prevention,” Ms. McLaughlin said from New York. “Our credibility factor is there, but the market has changed and we have to compete with entertainment publications, so it’s important to stand out.”

As brand editor, Ms. McLaughlin will develop and manage Prevention’s brand extensions and relationships across all media channels including print, Internet, broadcast and DVD production. She also will assist in the editorial direction of Prevention’s food, nutrition and fitness coverage.

“To extend our brand we have to strengthen our advertising board, find experts for excellent editorial and just bring a general lift to the publication,” Ms. McLaughlin said.

Prevention is a monthly publication with a circulation rate base of 3.5 million.

“The 40-year-olds that we target are savvy with media, and 40 doesn’t mean what it meant 20 years ago,” she said. “We have to move with our audience.”

Ms. McLaughlin came to Prevention from Natural Health magazine, where she served as executive editor. Before that she spent six years on Fitness magazine, where she was nutrition director.

Liz Vaccariello, Prevention’s editor in chief, was instrumental in tapping Ms. McLaughlin for the position.

“When I got the job at Prevention, it became immediately clear to me the scope I was dealing with,” Ms. Vaccariello said. “It became really important that there be another person in addition to me that made sure our voice was reaching across all platforms.”

Ms. Vaccariello previously worked on Fitness with Ms. McLaughlin.

“Liz and I worked very closely at Fitness,” Ms. McLaughlin said. “I work well with her because I am able to see beyond the written word and see how a feature can be turned into a book or a video.”

Ms. McLaughlin will serve as the link between the corporate and marketing departments.

“I want readers to come away from Prevention with the most information they can,” she said. “I want to enrich their lives in more ways than just educating them.”

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