Pressure Prevents Marketers From Scoring Their Goals [Infographic]

The World Cup is a time for the masters of football to come together, compete, and represent their countries. But these soccer stars aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure to perform. Pursway’s Spring 2014 Survey Report suggests that marketers are feeling it, too. According to the report, 77% of marketers say they’re under pressure to make better use of existing marketing and CRM data. 

Pressure often develops from high expectations, and marketers are aiming to score some major goals this year. In fact, 95% of marketers surveyed said improving campaign response and conversion, as well as identifying better prospects and increasing acquisition, were “very important” or “somewhat important” objectives for 2014. Furthermore, 93% of respondents listed understanding which channels work better as a main intention.  

However, data challenges can block marketers from kicking off strategies that will help them achieve these goals. For instance, 17% of marketers listed harnessing Big Data and list fatigue as their primary barriers, according to the report. Reduced marketing budgets and analytics that yield small, incremental results were also significant hurdles (16%), followed by declining campaign response rates (15%) and customer campaign opt-outs (14%).

Like soccer teams, each face different challenges based on their opponents. For instance, 25% of direct marketing professionals cited declining campaign response rates as their biggest challenge followed by harnessing Big Data, according to the report. However, having analytics yield feeble results (33%) and customers opting out of campaigns proved to be more challenge for CRM and data/analytics professionals.

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