*Presidential Candidate Bill Bradley Calls for Participation

NEW YORK–Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley skipped any mention of direct marketing and instead told a crowded luncheon gathering at Direct Marketing Days in New York yesterday that today’s fast-changing society needs the governance of a “pluralistic democracy” in which every person in America gets involved in the betterment of their community and in the political process.

After sharing two light-hearted anecdotes about his basketball career – he played on the U.S. Olympic team in 1964 and later for the New York Knicks – Bradley told the audience that “change is swirling all around us,” having more ramifications than we can possibly imagine.

The changes on the horizon, he said, cannot be predicted. Changes in health care, in the economies of other countries, in our county’s own diversity all could have far-reaching implications for everything from the fiscal stability of the Social Security system to the global balance of power.

“How do we proceed in this kind of a world?” he said. “We have to remember two things: First, what we thought would never change, could change tomorrow. And second, one person can make a difference.”

The leadership of the next generation, he said, must by done by “a pluralistic multiracial, multiethnic democracy, where people not only vote but actively participate.”

He also voiced his concerns about the fiscal burdens of running for office, about the need for parents to spend time with their children and about the media’s tendency to appeal to “lowest common denominator” of consumer tastes.

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