President of DMCNY Says ‘Club Needs New Direction’

The following statement appears unedited as received via e-mail by DM News on Friday afternoon.

Vito Fortuna, President of the Direct Marketing of New York, says that the current make-up of the club does not represent a cross section of the direct marketing industry. We need to reach out to small business and non-profits organizations who have been hit the hardest during this economic downturn. We need to reach out to unemployed direct marketers during their time of need.

Recent statements, as to the effect that every effort will be made to influence this board from considering DMA Chapter status, only creates stagnation, and inhibits creative thinking and innovation.

Although I respect the work of our past president and former board members, the future of this club is now in the hands of the present board and its membership. As the President of the Direct Marketing Club of New York, I will support the efforts to become of chapter of the DMA. I am confident that this board will make the correct decision. I will stand by the decision of the boards.

Yes, change is difficult, inevitiable. and necessary. Those who are not willing to change will eventually be on the outside looking for a new career.

Critics against the club becoming a DMA Chapter stress the importance of remaining an independent organization, but they fail to provide any solutions to the clubs most pressing concern:the continual decline of the existing membership. Vito states, “We need to attract new members representing a broad cross section of the direct marketing community.

Membership needs to be balanced between venders and clients.

“When was the last time we had membership meeting?” I will propose that meetings should be held at least once a year. In fact, I plan to hold such an annual meeting this spring.

Finally, our by-laws need to be amended to reflect the current times. I will ask our membership to vote on such issues.

I certainly agree that networking is a significant benefit of membership in the DMCNY, it can not be the sole reason for our existence. Our commitment to education, training and mentoring is equally as important. Membership in the DMA will not diminish our status or identity, but will enhance them just as independent Realtors have benefited by joining such organizations as Century 21 and Caldwell Banker. We will maintain our identity while becoming a vital part of a nationally recognized association. Where would our industry be if it were not for the efforts of the Direct Marketing Association.

We will grow in stature. We will continue to support our membership. We will be Direct Marketing of New York.

Vito Fortuna

President, DMCNY

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