President Cheese partners with bloggers to create visually engaging “Art of Cheese” recipe site

President Cheese recently partnered with seven food bloggers to create “The Art of Cheese,” a microsite containing recipes, serving ideas and some very pinnable images and graphics created around President Cheese products. The bloggers put a unique spin on the Art of Cheese theme by reimagining classic recipes and documenting their creations in vibrant photographs displayed on the site. The site also links to a portfolio of President Cheese products to educate the reader. Here’s how the recipes are displayed:

The site was developed by digital agency Huge, which also created the related social media accounts for the site on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram

“Our goal was to elevate the perception of the brand through beautiful photography, a confident tone and original content, in order to set Président Cheese apart from other packaged food brands and showcase its unique heritage,” said Emil Lanne, creative director at Huge. 

If your brand makes the kind of product that can be used in endlessly creative ways by its consumer, you can also count on them to be the ones creating the best content for you. This works especially well for food and beverage brands since recipes are easy, highly shareable and visually engaging ways to highlight a product, simultaneously providing value to the reader. Most recently, Coca-Cola launched a similiar partnership with bloggers to create content around food, innovation and culture, for a special section on its Journey website called The Opener.

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