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PreFound Lets Users Tailor Search Results to Interests

Social search engine PreFound.com lets Internet users extend their online personalities with its new Social Search Equalizer product.

The tool gives users search results that mirror their location and interests.

“PreFound.com is already known as the pioneer of social Web search,” CEO Steve Mansfield said. “As PreFound.com continues to evolve, (the company) wanted to expand on the already ‘social’ aspects of its Web search by offering a way for users to search the Web that was totally personalized from them, from where they live to what their interests are.”

For local-specific results, PreFound.com users enter a ZIP code and labels that describe up to four topics of interest into the equalizer. Then the user is asked for additional keywords associated with those interests. For each search thereafter, results delivered through the equalizer can be based partly on the user’s specific interests.

The equalizer influences how strongly personal interests affect Web search results: Less influence returns more Google-like keyword-based results, while more influence tailors results to the user’s interests. The user sets the level of influence.

The growth of social networks like www.MySpace.com shows that millions of people want a social Internet experience.

“PreFound.com was to plug into this user base by offering this type of social, interactive experience in Web search,” Mr. Mansfield said. “The Social Search Equalizer is a big step in making this happen.”

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