Predicted DMA themes include integration, new media

Time for the industry to integrate

Founder of the Email Experience Council and senior partner and executive director for e-mail and dialogue services at OgilvyOne Worldwide

When I think about this year’s DMA annual show, I have high expectations. As an industry, the past year has been one of positive growth and change. This should be clearly celebrated and reflected by the DMA, unlike years past, where the marketing industry was riddled with negativity surrounding postal reform,

the infiltration of SPAM and lack of innovation.

My initial glances at the agenda for the annual event seem to confirm my hopes. The agenda points toward topics that celebrate a tighter integration between marketing disciplines.

I am interested to see how the DMA will approach the rapid and overwhelming growth and acceptance of the digital arena. While it is safe to say that from e-mail to search, to mobile and even social networks, the DMA has taken some key steps forward in the past year, what will they do to ensure these efforts become core drivers of the DMA’s future?

In the past, the DMA exhibition floor has gotten feedback leading to a general consensus of “could have been better.” This year, I am hoping that the message got through, and that exhibitors will be able to showcase their wares in a way which informs the marketplace on how to capitalize on the future without disregarding our past. I also hope to see some truly actionable items that will result from the event, things that the DMA can take ownership of to help drive the industry forward. My hope is that the DMA does whatever it can to educate our very large industry on how to move forward.

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