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PRC guides Postal Service through challenging times

Organization: Postal Regulatory Commission
Team size: 70
What’s new:
Oversight of the USPS’ ?struggles financially ?streamlines business model

The Postal Regulatory Commission was created by the Postal Accountability and ?Enhancement Act of 2006 as the successor to the Postal Rate Commission, with the goal of strengthening?oversight of the USPS. ?

The group regulates postal rates and other major changes, such as the USPS’ 2010?request to use an “exigent rate increase” and the organization’s possible move to a?five-day-per-week home?delivery schedule. ?

The PRC’s role is in the?spotlight as the US Postal Service is enduring the most severe mail declines since the Great Depression. The Postal Service reported a net loss of $8.5 billion in 2010. ?

Ruth Goldway is chairman of the commission, and Mark Acton serves as vice chairman. Tony Hammond, Dan Blair and Nanci Langley fill out the five-member body. Reporting to the commissioners are directors of the offices of accountability and compliance, and public affairs and government relations. The organization’s inspector general, general counsel and secretary and chief administrative officer also report to the commission, as well as a public interest officer. ?

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