Powerpay.com Picks NC Comm to Handle Ads

Powerpay.com Inc., a Ceridian Corp. company, named NC Comm Advertising, Marketing & Multimedia Inc., Fairfield, NJ, to handle advertising for the online company, which offers payroll-related services.

The win is an upgrade for NC Comm, which has been Powerpay.com's production agency for several years. There were no pitches called for the agency of record business, whose billings were not disclosed.

Powerpay.com wants “identity and name recognition,” said Joanne Murphy, president of NC Comm. “They're expanding nationally, so with that our role will expand nationally with them.”

Launched in 1998, Powerpay.com, Pine Brook, NJ, offers online payroll and tax-filing services to more than 11,000 small businesses with fewer than 200 employees.

Ceridian, Minneapolis, has interests in the human resource, transportation and media industries. Like its online offspring, it offers human resources and tax-filing services, benefits administration services and employee assistance programs.

Powerpay.com is available to employers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Texas. It plans to expand to other regions. To support the expansion, NC Comm will unveil a redesigned site at www.powerpay.com on June 1. Ads will run in magazines and newspapers, and an interactive CD-ROM will be developed as sales collateral.

The agency also will help grow business alliances for Powerpay.com's HR and benefits services.

Founded in 1982, the privately owned NC Comm has clients such as Swedish camera maker Hasselblad USA; Meylan Corp., an Internet cataloger of stopwatches; the National Association for Female Executives; and the Consumer Lease Services division of AT&T Corp.

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