PostNewsweek Awards Files to Edith Roman

Edith Roman Associates Inc. has taken over management of seven PostNewsweek Tech Media Group files.

The lists consist of government subscribers to PostNewsweek publications and federal trade show attendees.

Government Computer News and Government Computer News State and Local have 86,700 and 54,900 subscribers, respectively, and base prices of $150 per thousand.

Washington Technology Subscribers has 40,000 subscribers and a base price of $150/M.

The Federal Office Supply Expo Attendee List has 29,000 registered government IT professional attendees. The base price is $115/M for exhibitors and $140/M for nonexhibitors.

Reseller Management Subscribers has 85,000 subscribers through July 1999 at a base price of $120/M. Although it ceased publication in 1998, the file is still updated twice annually.

TechCapital, which ceased publication at the end of 1999, has 35,000 subscribers and a base price of $150/M. It also is updated twice per year.

The PostNewsweek Tech Media Group Database contains all of the subscribers and attendees from the above files. It allows mailers to pull selects such as job function, products and industry from across all the lists in the database. The base price is $125/M.

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