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Postal Workers to Picket Staples Annual Meeting

Upset that USPS-sanctioned postal counters at more than 80 Staples locations cut out postal employees, members of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) will gather to protest the move outside the retailer’s annual shareholders meeting in Palo Alto on June 3.

The no-bid deal with Staples falls within the Postal Service’s five-year plan to consolidate operations and close little-used Post Offices. The Staples locations provide access to basic postal services and are staffed by Staples employees. Staples’ postal counters offer package delivery, international mailing, and stamps.

“This no-bid deal with Staples is part of a long-term plan to reduce and eventually eliminate service at U.S. Post Offices,” said APWU president Mark Dimondstein. “Staples is a company with declining sales, with plans to close more than 200 stores by the middle of next year. Shareholders need to ask management why they are involved in this kind of controversial deal when they have so many problems to fix in their core business.”

The APWU alleges that, despite Postmaster General Patrick Donohoe’s pledge that the Staple’s deal would not spur the closing of Post Offices, labor hours have been cut at neighboring branches.

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