Postal Software Vendors Launch Delivery Point Validation Products

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — Both Group 1 Software and Anchor Software announced new products that incorporate the U.S. Postal Service's Delivery Point Validation data set here at the Mailcom 2002 Global Conference and Exhibition.

The postal service's DPV tool can confirm that an address is a USPS delivery point and exists. There are more than 150 million USPS-delivered addresses, and the DPV data set is updated monthly.

The system is designed to reduce undeliverable-as-addressed mail resulting from inaccurate addresses, offering marketers and mailers savings in production, postage and labor.

Anchor Software, Rockville, MD, yesterday introduced MaxCass with DPV. MaxCass uses the ZIP+4 codes to standardize addresses and apply or correct ZIP codes. MaxCass with DPV is available now as part of an integrated software suite previously known as MIRUS. MIRUS was used for processing name and address databases in direct mail, telemarketing and e-mail campaigns.

Group 1 Software, Lanham, MD, said that DPV would be licensed as an optional component of Group 1's CODE-1 Plus address validation, correction and matching software solution.

DPV will be incorporated in CODE-1 Plus 2.5, to be released in early June. Group 1 also said that since DPV offers such compelling benefits to its 2,000 CODE-1 Plus users, it is offering them a free 45-day trial of the technology.

At a Mailers Technical Advisory Committee meeting last week, the USPS announced the six vendors (not including the USPS) that were approved to sell DPV products. They are Anchor Software, Explain, Group 1 Software, KnowledgeBase Marketing, Semaphore Corp. and Triplex Direct Marketing Corp.

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