Postal Service partners with eBay Greater China, China Post

The US Postal Service has partnered with eBay Greater China & Southeast Asia and China Post Express & Logistics Corporation to create a shipping platform for lightweight goods delivered to the US from eBay sellers in China.

The Postal Service’s goal is to provide US consumers with greater convenience and delivery confirmation online. The shipping service will allow sellers using eBay GC to track shipments with electronic notifications. Upon arrival in the US, shipments will be processed as domestic First Class Mail.

“We have to look for new ways to grow revenue and one way is through international shipping,” said Dave Lewin, USPS spokesman. “E-commerce has great growth potential.”

The partnership, announced May 28, is part of the USPS’ 10-year plan to restore financial stability. The agency ran a net loss of $3.8 billion in its 2009 fiscal year.

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