Posiq launches inaugural CRM product

Posiq, a provider of digital and mobile relationship management solutions for the hospitality industry, announced March 5 the general availability of its inaugural product PosiqCRM, Posiq CEO Rick Onyon confirmed to Direct Marketing News. Posiq’s proprietary solution is designed to integrate with point of sale (POS) solutions commonly used in restaurants, providing detailed insight into the efficacy of deals as well as customer tendencies and behavior.

“One of the key parts of our technology allows the restaurant to track which venues are driving customers into their business and what the behavior of those customers is,” said Onyon. “Some are coupon clippers, others are discovering a new restaurant. If a new guest comes into the restaurant, we can track their behavior: Do they have brand affinity? Then we can see if the customer comes back for a repeat visit and track ongoing value.”

For instance, PosiqCRM can track that Yelp directed a certain amount of customers into the business and can also determine what percentage of those new guests became loyal customers.

Onyon further emphasized the solution is easy to install. “It’s a 10 minute install,” said Onyon. “The bulk of the tech is maintained and managed in the cloud.”

Though Posiq is currently exclusively deployed, with under 100 pilots, in the restaurant industry, it overlays with any POS system so, according to Onyon, it could be used in retail as well.

However, the immediate plan is to launch the product in larger restaurant chains. Most of the current pilots, which range from yogurt shops to fine dining to bars, are independently-owned.

Onyon conceived of PosiqCRM when he himself purchased a bar and noticed a dearth of technological solutions that provide useful insight for the hospitality industry. “There are many companies that focus on BI instead of CRM,” said Onyon. “Our focus is on the guest and the analytics around the guest.”

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