Porsche Cars North America to tag boarding passes with 2-D barcodes

Porsche Cars North America will launch a campaign in October that affixes 2-D barcodes to printed boarding passes. The campaign will promote the 2012 Porsche 911 and 2012 Porsche Panamera models.

Porsche is working with its ad agency, Cramer-Krasselt, and its media agency, Omnicom Media Group, on the campaign as well as travel media platform Sojern, which partners with airlines such as American Airlines and Delta Air Lines to enable marketers to run ads on boarding passes.

After consumers scan the 2-D barcodes via their mobile devices, they will be directed to either a customized landing page promoting the Porsche models or to a video featuring the cars, said Josh Cherfoli, online and relationship marketing manager at Porsche Cars North America.

Porsche will also enable consumers to request a test drive at a local Porsche dealer via the 2-D barcodes, Cherfoli said.

“We’ll take advantage of the fact that these customers are going to be holding a boarding pass and sitting in a gate waiting for their plane to depart,” said Cherfoli.

Sojern CEO Mark Rabe said that advertisers can target consumers based on ticket information such as seat class or destination. Porsche will be targeting first-class and business-class travelers as well as those consumers traveling on a luxury vacation, said Cherfoli.

Porsche will also be running rich media banner ads on online flight check-in pages to drive traffic to online content. Rabe said that advertisers can swap out ad content depending on whether it appears on the online boarding pass or a printed version.

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