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Poo-Pourri returns with another hilarious ad for its new product designed for “man stench”

The makers of one of last year’s funniest, and most viral ads are back with new one, and it’s filled with even more entertaining ways to say “poop”

Last year, Poo Pourri took over YouTube with a hilarious commercial about its product, an odor-masking spray that hides the scent of your business, once you’ve used the loo. Initially marketed at women, the ad starred a petite English woman extolling the ladylike virtues of hiding the scent of your poo.

She returns in this follow up video, which markets Poo Pourri products for men, although still targeted towards women who want to hide the “smell of man manure.” This version of the spray comes in three bottles, ingeniously named Trap A Crap, Royal Flush and of course, Poo-Tonium. The ad is scripted once again by Joel Ackerman, the writer behind the viral ads for Orabrush and the first Poo Pourri video.

Watch the video below, as Scottish actress Bethany Woodruff returns to her star-making role (many people are calling her the next Old Spice Guy). It’s worth watching it just to hear a pretty girl utter the phrase “freshly churned colon-sausage” in a refined English accent.

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