Politics.com Piling Up Government-related Sites

Politics.com merged with LobbyForMe.com yesterday and purchased Politics1.com and PoliticalWag.com in an effort to gain as much market share as possible before another politics-oriented Web site becomes the industry standard.

Politics.com, Tempe, AZ, will make channels for its newly acquired sites accessible through its home page. President Howard Baer said his firm planned on signing several more agreements with political content sites and local newspapers as his site tries to become the Internet leader of national and local political information.

“The sad thing is that this is an election year and none of the content sites are doing well,” Baer said. “There are a lot of great (political) content sites out there. We are going to search through all of them, find the best ones and ask them to come in with us. I’m convinced that this is the only way for these sites to make any money.”

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