Poland to Hold First DM Show in February

Wiesbaden, Germany — The Polish Direct Marketing Association plans to hold its first exhibition and conference in Warsaw in late February or early March.

Tomas Kostrya, a board member of the Polish DMA, said he expected 40 to 50 companies to attend, making the show the largest ever held in Middle Europe where direct marketing has only existed since the fall of communism.

He was in Wiesbaden to see how the Germans organized such a show. “This is our first step in following the German example,” he said.

“We're half the size of the German market (Germany has 80 million inhabitants) and we should go in a similar direction.”

While Polish companies will make up the bulk of attendees, “we plan to invite companies from Hungary, the Czech Republic and perhaps Slovakia,” he said.

The Polish association elected a new president last September, Monica Zarycka, a prominent lawyer. Legal talent was needed, Kostyra explained, to deal with the new Polish data protection law, modeled on the EU directive, that went into effect last May.

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