Pokémon Go is Pulling Players Off Social

About 60 percent of Pokemon Go players use social media less frequently as a result of the game, according to a new study by Fluent.

The study, which surveyed 1,885 adults in the U.S., found that of those who play the game,  57 percent of them visited a new store or restaurant because of the app, and 81 percent of those made a purchase at the store they visited.

“With a game like Pokémon Go, marketers are able to connect with consumers in a way that drives real foot traffic through a unique offering, which can actually translate to sales,” said Kelly Patterson, director of product marketing at Fluent. “People will be going to new stores and restaurants that they might not otherwise go to, thanks to Pokémon Go.”

The game remains a strong option for experimenting with brick-and-mortar strategies, it’s important to acknowledge that the game is not as popular as it once was. While 67 percent claim they’ve heard of the game, 80 percent have not downloaded the game themselves, and 91 percent say they have no plans to ever download it.

Still, that the audience is smaller than it was during the summer doesn’t take away from the potential impact Pokémon Go can have on marketing trends in the future. “This is only the start of interactive mobile gaming, and marketers should learn to capitalize on this trend. Pokémon Go will be extremely useful for reaching the elusive millennial audience, the taste-makers for what’s trending and popular,” Patterson says.

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