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Point Inside launches network targeting in-store consumers

Point Inside, a provider of mobile engagement solutions, launched nSide, a private ad network designed to allow retailers to send targeted advertising messages to in-store consumers, said Point Inside CMO Todd Sherman.

While some solutions provide shopper locations, Sherman said nSide is the first solution that tracks both the product and customer location.

“[Nside] takes what’s interesting to the customer, combines it with where they are in the store and makes suggestion on things that are close to them via contextual ads,” Sherman explained. 

The network builds on Point Inside’s existing Customer Engagement platform, which maps the location of products inside a store to give shoppers the most efficient route to the products on their shopping list. Users input shopping lists through an on-device app.

Retailers using nSide can offer customers deals, discounts, coupons or similar products based on their shopping history, shopping list and location in the store. The network also takes the clickthrough rates (CTRs) to automatically improve targeting.

Meijer, a hypermarket selling groceries, clothing and electronics, piloted the solution in five stores at the end of 2010. It will now roll out nSide to all of its nearly-200 stores.

Point Inside is targeting its nSide to the top 100 retailers, Sherman said, and expects to reveal two more companies, both top 15 retailers, within the next two to three months.

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