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Plunkett is wrong on rates

I ? read Melissa Campanelli’s article (“USPS’s Plunkett defends rate change process,” DM News, May 21) a short while ago.

As Henry Morgan as Col. Potter in “M.A.S.H.” used to say: “Bull Cookies!”

Mike Plunkett must be viewing reality through warped glass.

There are countless direct marketers who have suffered huge financial burdens changing processes and procedures to accommodate the new rules of the Not Flat Machinable category.

Some continue to suffer (greatly), paying inordinate amounts of postage and new surcharges as they still try to solve the challenges. The impacts of some of the packaging changes are not known – until consumers start receiving their ordered merchandise.

The Pricing and Classification Division is the final say in what is machinable or not machinable (after the regional managers of Business Mail Entry) – so you would think he would have a realistic view.

Consumers have been insulated, thus far, in the price change. A 2-cent increase in the price of a stamp is almost unnoticed as they see a gallon of gasoline going up by more than that each week.

I only hope that the consumer will be just as insulated when direct marketers increase their postage and handling charges to make up for this folly.

I suggest Mr. Plunkett get down in the trenches instead of living in his New York City ivory tower office and see what the real world has to contend with.

Many of the local (and even regional) postal personnel had no idea how to deal with the changes. Many received training only weeks before May 14. So Mr. Plunkett’s views certainly do not reflect many who are on the front line.

Al Stanton


Stanton Direct Marketing Inc.

Elmira, NY

[email protected]

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