Platform-A plans to cut 100 staffers

AOL’s online advertising network Platform-A plans to cut approximately 100 staff members over the next four to six weeks.

“These steps are necessary to guarantee that Platform-A’s people and technologies are organized around common goals and operate as a seamless organization that is focused on our customers,” said Eric Chandler, a spokesman for Platform-A.

Platform A consists of a network of firms providing various online marketing services. It first launched in the fall of 2007 after a series of acquisitions in the advertising business. These acquisitions include contextual advertising firm Quigo, behavioral targeting firm Tacoda, mobile ad network Third Screen Media, and ad serving network AdTech AG. AOL acquired each of these companies last year.

Other acquisitions include video advertising platform Lightningcast, a 2006 AOL acquisition, and affiliate ad network and e-commerce services firm, a property that AOL acquired in February. Following the proposed cuts, the ad network will employ approximately 1,500 people.

In March, Lynda Clarizio replaced Curt Viebranz as president of Platform-A. At that time, AOL said that Clarizio’s appointment was “part of [Platform-A’s] consolidation and integration plan.” Before March, Clarizio had been the president of, a third-party display network that is part of Platform-A.

Viebranz had been Platform-A’s first president and before that, he was CEO of Tacoda, a behavioral marketing network acquired by AOL in 2007.

Dave Morgan, founder of Tacoda, also left his post as EVP of global advertising strategy at AOL in the wake of the company restructuring.

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