Pitney Bowes Spreads its Data Wings

Pitney Bowes, the global commerce technology vendor with century-old roots in direct mail, today announced a partnership aimed at expanding its clients’ ability to drive business insights from big data.

The Stamford, Connecticut solutions vendor long ago expanded its range of services beyond physical customer communications services, and in recent years has been engaged with playing in the growing location marketing space, offering geo-enrichment and geo-based intelligence capabilities to customers based on its rich location data holdings.

Pitney Bowes now joins Hortonworks Partnerworks in the Modern Data Solutions partner program to give clients access to a data platform which can manage large-scale, global data sets, especially those focused on geo-spatial analytics. The Hortonworks data platform is powered by the Apache Hadoop framework which supports the processing of massive data sets – including unstructured data –  by distributing and managing the data across large clusters of computers. In simple terms, Pitney Bowes brings the data, while Hortonworks brings the capacity to process it on a huge scale.

Interest in these new capabilities is anticipated across several verticals. Insurers use geo-spatial data to enhance understanding of risk; telecomms use the data to understand customers and develop personalized offers; financial services leverage it to support branch and ATM locations.

“By making our solutions available through one of the market’s most respected big data providers, we’re making it easy for partners and clients to derive meaningful insight, quickly and at scale,” said Pitney Bowes EVP and Chief Innovation Officer Roger Pilc in a press release.

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