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Pitney Bowes launches online resource for Intelligent Mail barcode

Pitney Bowes has launched an Intelligent Mail barcode resource area on its postal information site, www.pbpostalinfo.com.

“The Intelligent Mail Barcode is the key that will unlock a host of new services for mailers,” said John Ward, president of mail services for Pitney Bowes Inc. “We will have tremendous new opportunities to use information to enhance the value of each mail piece, which will help mailers, recipients and the entire mailstream value chain.”

The site includes background on the Intelligent Mail barcode, which was developed by the US Postal Service to encode routing and tracking information on mail. It first became available for use in 2006. The site also contains a link to a Pitney Bowes whitepaper called “Getting Smart About Intelligent Mail.”

The US Postal Service is currently seeking feedback on proposed rules related to the use of Intelligent Mail barcodes. According to these rules, as of January 2009, automation prices will no longer be available for the Postnet barcode. In contrast to the Intelligent Mail barcode, the Postnet barcode only encodes routing information.

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