Pitney Bowes launches mail consulting service

Pitney Bowes Management Services (PBMS) has launched Pitney Bowes Mailstream Consulting Services, an offering designed to help customers better manage their postal costs. The announcement was made on December 19.

With the postal industry undergoing a variety of changes, including postal reform, rate increases, and the implementation of the Intelligent Mail Barcode, many businesses need help controlling costs, said Jeff Stangle, director of solutions development for PBMS.

Although Pitney Bowes Management Services had been offering mailstream consulting for a few years, it got to the point where they saw the need for the service on a wider scale, Stangle said. “So we went ahead and decided to expand it so we could work hands on, one and one with customers to solve their mailing problems.”

By working with clients on site, consultants can help solve mailing problems in a “holistic” way, Stangle added. The first step is to take a close look at a client’s mail process.

“When we go into a client, we don’t have a solutions set in mind,” he said. “We pay more attention to what they’re telling us before we come in with solutions.”

According to Stangle, the consultants are involved in every aspect of the process, including cleaning up address lists, managing data, composing documents, printing, inserting, sorting and applying postage.

“We’re going to start right at the beginning all the way to the end,” Stangle said.
Already, the company’s consultants have worked with many of the Fortune 100 and top 200 law firms in the US, as well as federal government agencies to help them organize their mailstream processes on a variety of levels, Stangle said. According to the company, one US-based bank saved more than $12 million a year in postage costs after working with Pitney Bowes Mailstream Consulting Services.

So far, the new consulting service employs three “expert” postal consultants who are servicing customers across the US.

“We’re growing fast,” Stangle said.

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