Pitney Bowes launches integrated campaign to promote new services

Pitney Bowes has launched a b-to-b direct marketing campaign to promote its electronic billing, marketing and analytics technologies. The effort, created by ad agency Gyro, includes direct mail, social media, online ads, radio spots and events marketing.

The Stamford, Conn.-based company will retain the tagline, “Every connection is a new opportunity,” but leverage the word “personally” in the initiative to highlight the importance of personalized customer interactions.

Dan Kohn, VP of corporate marketing at Pitney Bowes, said the goal of the campaign is to drive awareness of the company’s newer technologies among front-office executives, rather than triggering immediate new and expanded business.

“We previously dealt with the back office,” he said. “With ‘personally,’ we’re moving to the front office, to leaders of business units who are focused on getting and retaining customers.”

“People have a deeply rooted understanding of Pitney Bowes,” he added. “We need to work on that and keep the trust people have in us while expanding to help them with understanding their customers with data, analytics and predictive analysis to make their communications more personal.”

The company also created a rich-media website with information about its customer communications management services.

The campaign is targeting the healthcare, insurance and financial services verticals. Kohn said Pitney Bowes will eventually expand the effort beyond those sectors, as well as internationally, but he would not offer a time frame or mention additional industries.

Pitney Bowes has worked with Gyro for four years, said Kohn.

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