Pitney Bowes has new leaders, focus on postal reform

Pitney Bowes Inc. announced a new executive leadership structure to position the company for growth in a changing environment.

Effective May 14, Murray D. Martin, president and chief operating officer of Stamford, CT-based Pitney Bowes, will become president/CEO. Michael J. Critelli, the company’s current chairman/CEO, will assume the newly created position of executive chairman. Effective immediately, Mr. Martin also is appointed to the company’s board of directors. Mr. Critelli, who has been chairman/CEO since January 1997, will focus on opportunities in postal reform and transformation in the United States and globally and in areas such as healthcare and government services.

“Murray will be in the role that I have been in for over 11 years, guiding the strategy and direction of Pitney Bowes,” Mr. Critelli said. “While I had been focusing part time on industry and transformational objectives and understanding and trying to shape the external environment, I will be making that a full-time role.”

The passage of the landmark postal reform legislation in the U.S. helped set the stage for this leadership transition, according to Mr. Critelli.

“The legislation has introduced a lot of details that matter a great deal to the industry and to Pitney Bowes, and I want to be very hands-on to make sure the promise of the legislation is fulfilled,” he said. “I don’t think I can do this part time. This is even more complex then getting the bill passed.”

Mr. Critelli has led Pitney Bowes through a period of transformation and growth. During his tenure as CEO, the company’s annual revenue grew from $3.8 billion to $5.7 billion. During his 27-year tenure, he has served in various capacities at the company, including vice chairman, president of financial services, secretary and general counsel and chief personnel officer.

Mr. Critelli has also long played a leadership role in the $900 billion mailing industry.

He has co-chaired the Mailing Industry Task Force with the deputy postmaster general and serves as chairman of the Mailing Industry CEO Council. His leadership also extends to healthcare and healthy communities, transportation, diversity, corporate governance and ethics, and talent development.

Mr. Critelli said that in his new role he will be focusing on the international postal arena, which is not as far along as the U.S. in many countries; specific tasks related to making sure the regulators implement many of the provisions of the reform law that will benefit the industry and Pitney Bowes; industry-wide initiatives related to privacy, environmental issues and stopping the passage of do-not-mail legislation; and Pitney Bowes’ specific response to the rate case and to other postal initiatives such as address quality and four-state bar codes.

As CEO, Mr. Martin will assume full strategic and operational responsibility for the company, overseeing its overall performance with a focus on sustaining increased shareholder, customer and employee value.

“I welcome the opportunity to lead Pitney Bowes forward and to continue the momentum that Mike and I have achieved over the past several years,” Mr. Martin said.

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