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Pitney Bowes Forms PB Direct

Pitney Bowes Inc. has created PB Direct, a new functional area to complement its direct sales force, the company said yesterday.

PB Direct, led by Neil Metviner, will manage Pitney Bowes' small-business customer base and acquire customers through the delivery of additional services and products. PB, Stamford, CT, said it would use direct mail, telemarketing and the Internet to market these services and products to new companies.

The new organization will be part of Pitney Bowes Global Mailing Systems and report to Murray Martin, executive vice president and group president, Pitney Bowes Global Mailing Systems.

PB Direct will also centralize customer care for the enterprise to ensure a consistent and improved overall customer experience. In addition, the company is working with Siebel Systems, the customer relationship management software and solutions vendor, to create a customer-facing platform designed to enhance its business-to-business marketing capabilities.

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