Pitney Bowes Facilitates Ebay Cross Border Transactions with New Service

Pitney Bowes Inc. says its new ClearPath cross border service will make U.S.-Canadian eBay transactions easier.

The ClearPath service helps to remove confusion associated with international transactions, including duties and exchange issues, according to Stamford, CT-based company.

Featured as a link within the eBay Solutions Directory and on registered sellers’ item listings, the ClearPath service is Pitney Bowes software that helps manage and track the shipment of eBay items from a seller in this country to a Canadian buyer.

The ClearPath software calculates total costs of the international transaction for the buyer, including item price, shipping and handling, duties, taxes and currency exchange. The ClearPath solution then directs and tracks the movement of the item from the seller to the buyer. The ClearPath service remits payment to the seller, service suppliers and relevant government entities. Sellers on eBay must register for the service.

While the ClearPath service applies only to U.S.-Canadian transactions, the company plans to extend the offering to other countries this year.

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