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PIPs grew 14.6 percent in Q2: ParadyszMatera

The active package insert program (PIP) universe climbed to 365.5 million opportunities in the second quarter of 2007, up 14.6 percent from the second quarter of 2006, according to the recently released MarketTrends Report for Insert Media Package Insert Programs from direct marketing services provider ParadyszMatera.

Merchandise and apparel retailers make up the largest portion of the PIP universe. In fact, Amazon.com, the online retailer who supports the largest PIP, increased the number of insert opportunities by 33 percent over the last year – a boost of 20 million. The growth is due to an increase in sales and an expansion of packages made available for its insert programs.

Some of the growth of the PIP universe is due to new programs released. The new programs include Growing Family Club (11.7 million), Lenox (1.5 million), Dream Products (1.3 million), Celebrate Express (1 million) and MovieMars.com (1.2 million).

The report is part of a MarketTrends series designed for marketers who use insert media for customer acquisition. Full reports are exclusive to clients of ParadyszMatera, New York. These reports also track notable insert creative campaigns, as this quarter’s report highlights a bilingual coupon effort from Pfizer.

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