Pinterest to Pin-Up Video Ads

Pinterest’s virtual pin-up board is now open for ad videos.

The San Francisco company, known for image collections of cakes and home decorations, told Fortune it will begin to allow brands to purchase ads in short video form. Currently, the plan, according to Pinterest, will only be available within the US and UK.

Visitors to Pinterests will initially see the ads in a short preview, where afterward they will be given the option to skip or watch it in full. Additionally, Pinterest has added a “pin” function to the ad for brands. The six related “pins,” or images will allow advertisers to customize product placement. For example, a cake tutorial video can be accompanied by six images of ingredients used. The pin function can also be saved to a user’s account, as well as, display a “buy” button to allow visitors to purchase the items.

For Pinterest, who according to The Street is among the most likely IPO social media candidates, the time is now to convey their ability to make money. The company has an $11 billion valuation and grew revenue 500 percent in 2015 year-over-year. And now with the addition of video ads, Pinterest is a company to watch over the next year.

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