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PhotoPoints Clicks With Beyond Interactive

PhotoPoint Corp. has named Beyond Interactive, San Francisco, as its interactive agency of record in an estimated $2 million effort that aims to ramp up visibility and reach for the leading photo-sharing site at www.photopoint.com.

The pitch also involved presentations from Murder Inc. and SF Interactive, both San Francisco shops.

“What we're hoping to gain out of the relationship with Beyond is primarily in our member acquisition and to increase our volume for people to be active on our site in terms of posting photos and e-commerce,” said Cindy Lindenbaum, director of marketing at PhotoPoint, San Francisco.

The 2-year-old PhotoPoint site allows consumers to post photographs online and share them with others at no charge. The site targets the consumer, professional and event categories. PhotoPoint attracted 1.8 million unique visitors in September, Media Metrix said.

Although it draws the most traffic among its peers, PhotoPoint wants to continue building that base and tap consumers who are not yet savvy to posting photos online.

“The mass market still has no idea of what you can do with your photos online, and so the education and brand awareness become key in pursuing our goals,” Lindenbaum said.

Beyond is charged with providing services such as account planning and management, creative development, e-mail marketing, media planning and services and strategic consulting.

The agency also will rely on a proprietary tool it calls Track and Attack, which is designed to plan and buy media on the Internet.

“The idea is, instead of mass marketing, it's micro-marketing on a mass scale,” said Darian Heyman, co-founder of Beyond Interactive. “Instead of creating $2 million deals upfront to be the exclusive photo-sharing partner of some portal, we would rather do small but scalable test campaigns across a wide variety of media vehicles.”

An international agency with its headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI, Beyond is part of Grey Global Group, New York, one of the leading ad conglomerates worldwide.

Major clients of Beyond include Verizon Wireless, Oracle Corp., RollingStone.com, emusic.com, William Wrigley Jr. Co., Volkswagen and Royal Dutch/Shell. Billings last year were $42 million, and projections for this year are $100 million.

Work already is under way at Beyond to develop online ad and marketing campaigns to propel PhotoPoint's brand, membership and revenue.

PhotoPoint has 1.4 million members, who have uploaded 21.5 million photos. These members add 80,000 new photos each day.

Still, competition from rival sites keeps PhotoPoint on its toes.

“Certainly, the competition offers a bit of a challenge, because there are other players out there,” PhotoPoint's Lindenbaum said. “It keeps our teeth sharp, [though] being in a lead position keeps us in a better spot than the other players.”

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