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Philadelphia fellowship fosters successful local businesses

Philadelphia Fellowship
Philadelphia Fellowship

Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) residents have been successful in developing a range of businesses through a federally funded fellowship program. The program has supported entrepreneurial goals spanning industries such as food vending and apparel.

The fellowship program has provided these enterprising individuals with both financial backing and practical advice, enabling them to transform their business ideas into reality. The success of this program has instilled a sense of entrepreneurship within the PHA community, motivating other residents to explore their own entrepreneurial ideas.

The diversity of these businesses underscores the array of talent in the PHA community, indicating the potential of such initiatives to drive economic development and foster self-sustenance. This achievement benefits not just individual families but also the broader development of the PHA community as a whole.

Among the beneficiaries of the PHA program is Nija Wiggins, owner of Corneey’s, a gourmet corn-on-the-cob business. Corneey’s has become a hit at local events, with PHA’s head office being one of their biggest platforms, underlining the active role the PHA is taking to support entrepreneurial residents.

Meanwhile, Reshay Kennedy has channelized her passion for baking into a profit-making enterprise during the pandemic. She established her dessert business in 2021, providing healthier, vegan, and sugar-free options.

Fellowship funding bolsters Philadelphia businesses

She has ambitious plans to operate a dessert truck before the end of this year.

Earlier in 2021, the PHA launched a six-month business program, offering intensive entrepreneurial skills training to participants regarding budget management, cash flow analysis, and effective marketing strategies. The program has assisted countless residents eager to kickstart their own businesses by successfully navigating the local market. With the conclusion of the program last year, a notable number of participants have already launched their ventures.

Looking ahead, the PHA plans to inaugurate a commerce hub by the end of the year. Residents will have a venue to showcase and sell their products, strategically located next to the PHA’s primary office. PHA aims for this promising initiative to further stimulate local business expansion and economic progress.

Donta Daniels, a 27-year-old participant in the program, was able to improve his apparel brand’s visibility at a recent event through the business insight he gained. Everyone who completes the program successfully earns the opportunity to become a certified PHA vendor.

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