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Phase2Media Surpasses 40 Million E-Mail Names

Phase2Media, an interactive advertising and marketing company, said yesterday that in less than a year it has amassed more than 40 million stand-alone and newsletter e-mail names.

The company, which began with a focus on branded, single site representation, branched out to e-mail in April 2000 and established an e-mail newsletter division. The division now focuses on e-mail list rental, sales, brokerage and segmentation.

Phase2Media numbers among its clients AmericanGreetings.com, Astrocenter.com and LifeMinders. It produces a monthly e-mail newsletter for AmericanGreetings.com as well as daily horoscopes and the daily iExpect newsletter for Astrocenter.com.

“Our clients are diverse, demographically distinct and resonate with consumers,” said Richy Glassberg, Phase2Media's chairman/CEO.

The New York company's own stand-alone database includes more than 5 million names.

Phase2Media uses ClickAction to provide e-mail relationship management services to its clients.

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